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Toys Rotation for the Busy Mums

Quiet book or busy book, regardless of the name. This book is one of the most effective way to keep toddlers engaged for a period of time while you’re attending to your appointments, be it in the church or doctor’s appointment. Make sure you have one packed with you.

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In this post, we like to introduce you to toys rotation which will help you to save more time in the long run. 
How do you know when you need one? Here is a list from Marla
• If your kids simply take out toys (but don’t actually play with them), it’s time
• If your house is loaded with things (toys, books, games, etc) but your children are constantly bored or seem uninterested in playing with what they already have, it’s time.
• If you spend more time putting toys away (than the actual time spent playing with them). It’s time
• If your house looks more like toys r us than a home people live in, it’s time.

If you’re convinced that you need one? Here are some resources that we have found for you:
10 Simple Steps for Rotating Kids Toys for Better Organization
Child's Play: The Art of Toy Rotation

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In short, the quiet book is just a means for your children to be engaged for a period of time. However, overexposure towards one material will cause a kid to be bored. Rather consider the quiet book as the tool to keep your children engaged when they are out to the restaurant, hospital, to your appointments where minimal noise is preferred.

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