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What is a quiet book?

A quiet book, soft book, busy book, a cloth book, felt book, sensory book...

These are the many names of what we like to call "quiet book.

A quiet book is a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities such as:

  • Color identification/matching
  • Shape identification/matching
  • Using snaps, buttons, buckles and zippers
  • Matching and sorting activities
  • Spelling words
  • Counting
  • Nature/Animal exploration (picking apples, fishing, seasons )
  • Games (tic tac toe, checkers, memory)

to keep young ones entertained and engaged. It is perfect to entertain children without the use of technology. These books are great for travel or moments when you might need to keep your child occupied. Keep it in your car and take it to doctor appointments, church services, siblings’ extra-curricular activities, restaurants, car rides, or airplane trips.

Here is just one lot of benefits of Quiet Books:

 Developmental benefits

  •  fine motor skills development
  •  hand-eye coordination
  •  problem-solving
  •  gumption
  •  attention
  •  spatial imagination
  •  logical thinking

 Learning skills

  •  mathematical (numbers and counting)
  •  creative skills
  •  main colours
  •  sorting and matching
  •  geometrical shapes
  •  spelling

 Practical Life Skills

  •  buttoning
  •  zipper
  •  shoe lacing
  •  braid making
  •  weaving
  •  tying bow


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