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4 Reasons Why Children Need Physical Activities

Why Children Need to Exercise

The 2008 physical activity guidelines in the US states that children between the age 6 to 17 years should have more than an hour of physical activity each day. Regular physical activity is essential for promoting good health and preventing various health conditions such as diabetes. Unfortunately, many American children do not meet the recommendations set forth on the guidelines.

Physical activity is essential for anyone who wishes to have a long life. Children mostly need physical activities for both mental and physical growth. Parents need to encourage and support children to take part in physical activities by keeping an activity log, which will help chart their progress. Praising them and giving them rewards for each step they make will encourage them to exercise more.

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Here are the reasons for children to engage in physical activities.

  1. Suitable for the Health of Your Child

As a Parent, you need to understand that regular exercise is ideal for your child/children's health. When children engage in physical activities, they will keep certain diseases at bay, such as diabetes and conditions like obesity.

Encouraging your child/children to take part in physical activity will build a good foundation for a healthy lifestyle in their lives. They will develop flexible muscles that will improve their athletic abilities and also experience an increased sense of self-confidence.

  1. Boost Their Performance in School

The Centre for Disease Control reports that physical activities have an impact on mental and academic activities, which are crucial components for academic performance.

It is vital to encourage your child/children to engage in physical activities to boost their performance in school.

  1. Improves Motor Skills in Children

Physical activity in children is vital for the development of motor skills. Motor skills help children achieve activities such as jumping, running, and kicking. It also helps in the usage of muscles in hand, feet, wrists, and mouth.

Taking part in physical activities early on in life will help your child strengthen muscle abilities, which is essential for all activities in the

  1. Boost Social Skills

Children do not take part in physical activities on their own. Physical activities incorporate other children through teams and group activities; this, in turns, helps them become more interactive with the other children.

Children learn through interaction with those around them. Children development experts agree that children's social skills are built on the foundation of regular interaction with other peers in the form of physical activities.

Parents should encourage children to participate in group activities to lay the foundation for the proper building of social skills, which will be a huge benefit when interacting with people for the rest of their lives.

Final Word

Parents should understand the importance of encouraging children to participate in physical activities with their peers because of the numerous developments it has on them. Exercises that incorporate physical play cultivate awareness, and engage your child spirits will go a long way in helping your kids have a happy and healthy life.

Read the above reasons to understand why kids need physical activities and to help you encourage them to be more active.


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